Why Schools Can't Go Back to The Way They Were

This video shows the TDP Summer 2018 Discussion Series event where we asked a question that many parents have on their minds.  Jessica Shiller, from Towson University led a discussion with the participants about how funding is radically unequal between schools, how communities are radically different, but how all schools are expected to do an equally good job. She also shared messages about how we need community schools that more authentically engage community; we need to stop bashing parents for their disengagement; and we need to realize that parents care about their child’s education, but many have been alienated by schools. We lament about Baltimore's population decline, but we are not acknowledging that there are a whole lot of people who stay, who are from Baltimore, and who matter.

School Funding and Budgets

This is a video of the TDP Summer 2018 Discussion Series event in which Kim Trueheart and Principal Joe Manko of Liberty Elementary/Middle get into the details of how to understand your school budget.

A Different Kind of Union

This is a video of teacher union caucus members from across the country describing what their unions do and what they hope their unions will do moving forward. Their vision is inspiring and offers some ideals that we know Baltimore Movement of Rank-and-File Educators hope to attain.


Black Teachers' Matter

In Baltimore, during the time period 2003 to 2015 Black Teachers decreased 24.5 percentage points from 63% to 38%. This video explores why the decline occurred. 

Black Teachers Matter Panel

Cristina Duncan Evans facilitated a panel discussion after the screening of the Black Teachers Matter video. The panel features:

  • Kim Trueheart, Education Advocate
  • Ui-Seng Francois, Baltimore City Schools Student
  • Tyrik Moore, Baltimore City Schools Educator
  • Diamonte Brown, Baltimore City Schools Educator, Organizer, and BMORE Steering Committee Member 
  • Khalilah Harris, Founding Co-Chair, Coalition of Black Leaders in Education

Restoring Schools

This is a video about how schools implement Restorative Practices district-wide. 

Community Empowered Schools: Envisioning Schools

This video examines how communities and schools can work together through Local School Councils, a school governance model from Chicago.

Langston Hughes Story

The video is about the fight to keep Langston Hughes Elementary School in Baltimore open.  The video was filmed and produced as a collaborative effort between teachers and staff in the Teachers’ Democracy Project and folks at New Lens.  There are also blogs and other media pieces related to the fight on our website under “Media” and “Blogs”.

Charters: The Illusion of Change

This video helps explain what is typically different about charter schools and traditional schools both on a national level and to some extent locally.  It explores issues of school autonomy, community control, accountability, choice, funding formulas, and equity issues.  The goal of the film is to help teachers, communities and education advocates understand the issues at stake as we face new legislation in Maryland–legislation that could change the landscape for charter schools and create a favorable environment for corporate charter chains to come to our state.  The video is not intended as a critique of small, mom and pop charters in Baltimore—many of which were started by teachers and local education activists.  Rather it makes the case that we should be protecting teachers’ union rights, making sure that all schools have equitable funding, and working for curricular autonomy for all schools.

Lessons from Chicago and New York

The following videos are conversations we had with teachers and community members in Chicago about community and schools. 


Other Advocacy Videos

The following videos are by teachers exploring the teacher evaluation system in Baltimore City. 

The Future of Charters in MD Event

This forum took place on October 15, 2015. After two brief presentations that provided background information on the history, structure and finances involved in charters in Maryland, an audience of charter advocates and those questioning the equity of charters had a chance to have a dialogue.

School Stories

Teachers' Democracy Project has invited teachers, youth, and other community stakeholders to tell their stories at our events and at community story circles. The following stories are from our Human Face of Policy event and story circles that took place in Park Heights at at our home base. We hope these stories help share the struggles and strengths of schools and build a more democratic critique and vision for the school system moving forward. We are using these stories as a first step in a deeper inquiry into how to create more community and teacher controlled schools.

Teacher Videos On Social Justice Pedagogy

Story Circles

TDP conducted story circles in a variety of communities.