An Equitable and Just School System Now!

The Journey for Justice Alliance (J4J) is a national network of intergenerational, grassroots community organizations led primarily by Black and Brown people in 24 U.S. cities. We assert that the lack of equity is one of the major failures of the American education system. It is a particular failure of the Obama administration, as a wholesale commitment to school privatization through school closings and charter school expansion has energized school segregation, the school to prison pipeline and subjected children to mediocre education interventions that over the past 15 years, have not resulted in sustained, improved education outcomes but have contributed to the destabilizing of the quality of life in urban communities. J4J believes that we do not have failing schools. We have in fact been failed by a system that has ignored savage inequities in public education, using civil rights rhetoric while violating the human rights of Black and Brown families through privatization schemes like state takeovers, school closings, for profit charter and alternative schools. The great author Alice Walker says, “No one is your friend who demands your silence or denies your right to grow.” We will not be silent. Our education platform is based on peer reviewed, evidence based education practice and the lived experience of our over 40,000 members; Black and Brown parents and students across the United States.

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