TDP Policy Recommendations

After reviewing the Community School Strategy and soliciting feedback from teachers, parents, lead agencies, community schools coordinators and others, TDP has proposed the following recommendations to the School Board: 

  • The policy should have as a goal that there be a functional, democratically- organized School Family Council (SFC) and the recommendations of the council SFC should carry the most weight in choosing the lead agency to manage the community schools coordinator.
  • The planning process involved in becoming a community school should be part of a single strategic planning process required of these schools. This would ensure that this work is seen holistically as a part of climate issues and student social emotional needs.
  • Community school principals should be held accountable through their evaluation for this integrated community schools plan.
  • This policy should be linked to other relevant policies such as the discipline policy. A commitment should be made to review existing policies in relation to each other.
  • Teachers need to be included in the community schools plan and should participate in evaluating the school’s partner organization.
  • In schools that are larger, there should be more than one Community Schools Coordinator. Since this would require substantially more funding, there should be stronger aspirational language to indicate the amount of additional funding required.
  • To acknowledge the need for equity across schools, there should be aspirational language to indicate the amount of additional funding required to support all schools in becoming community schools.