Background to the Budget Deficit Crisis

This powerpoint created by Corey Gaber, a teacher in Baltimore City, provides ample evidence that the state’s contributions to City Schools has not kept pace with inflation, let alone with the needs faced by a school district that serves so many children from communities with concentrated poverty.  The argument is made very clearly that it is both false and misleading to blame the current budget crisis on “mismanagement of funds” or any other derogatory label typically applied to Baltimore’s funding.

“Our children deserve an excellent and equitable education. The state has not met its constitutional obligation to provide the resources necessary for an adequate and equitable education over the past 9 years. This is the #1 driver of the budget shortfall.  By the state’s own definition of adequacy, Baltimore City has a 290 million dollar gap.”

It is important not to be swayed by the misleading statements by the governor about record funding for public education, nor be taken off into tangents about parent choice, charter vs. traditional funding, North Ave incompetence, teacher salary/benefits being too high, or union contract issues.  All these are a smoke screen used to deflect away from the simple fact that Baltimore’s schools are and have been underfunded.