Charters: The Illusion of Change

This video helps explain what is typically different about charter schools and traditional schools both on a national level and to some extent locally.  It explores issues of school autonomy, community control, accountability, choice, funding formulas, and equity issues.  The goal of the film is to help teachers, communities and education advocates understand the issues at stake as we face new legislation in Maryland–legislation that could change the landscape for charter schools and create a favorable environment for corporate charter chains to come to our state.  The video is not intended as a critique of small, mom and pop charters in Baltimore—many of which were started by teachers and local education activists.  Rather it makes the case that we should be protecting teachers’ union rights, making sure that all schools have equitable funding, and working for curricular autonomy for all schools.

The Future of Charters in MD Event

This forum took place on October 15, 2015. After two brief presentations that provided background information on the history, structure and finances involved in charters in Maryland, an audience of charter advocates and those questioning the equity of charters had a chance to have a dialogue.