This page is designed to provide online access to articles and books that deal with the concept of democratic decision making in schools. Alongside the entries is a brief annotation that situates the text in the broader context of school reform and the history of local control of schools in various cities.

The primary goal of democratic decision making in schools readings is to get these fascinating and underutilized documents into more hands and shed light on the concept.  If you would like to add to this collection, please submit your suggestions along with: either a working link, or a PDF copy of your selection, or a book reference; and an annotation explaining why the article or book is important, a summary of the main ideas and, if you choose, a short excerpt.

Each document has been reviewed by one of the members of our research committee. The name of the person who selected the reading is in parentheses next to the title.  Please email us at if you are interested in the physical items.

 Click on any link to find the readings you are interested in: 

Local democratic decision making in schools

Attracting and retaining dedicated teachers and paras (to be added)

Growing a social justice union 

Alternative authentic assessments 

Social justice curriculum and teaching practices 

Classrooms as organizing space 

Restorative justice/mindfulness 

Parents/community members as classroom mentors 

Background materials on inequality, organizing, critical pedagogy and school reform