What Teacher Unions Could be

This is a video of teacher union caucus members from across the country describing what their unions do and what they hope their unions will do moving forward. Their vision is inspiring and offers some ideals that we know Baltimore Movement of Rank-and-File Educators hope to attain.


TDP engages teachers and community members in Fellowship Projects.  Fellows are working on: Restorative Practices, Socially engaged curriculum and how to increase democratic decision making by all stakeholders in schools. By proactively connecting teachers, parents, students and community members we aim to transform school relationships, culture and the way decisions get made.

Advocacy Work

Our Advocacy Work is a result of what we hear from our fellows as they tackle issues in their schools and in response to larger national and local trends. We engage teacher feedback and conduct research to help us advocate for better policies and practices. We attend school board meetings and host community forums around how to create more equity and inclusion in school decision making.

Borrow from a collection of education related videos, books and trainings which we make available to all who want to get informed.