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Rebecca Yenawine

Executive Director


Rebecca began work with TDP as a consultant in 2014 and became the Director in 2017. Rebecca has a BA in English from Goucher College and a master’s degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Education. Prior to TDP, Rebecca was the founder and director of a youth-driven, social justice, media organization called New Lens.  At TDP, Rebecca works to provide leadership and direction for staff and fellows, to support TDP’s vision of creating an education movement that is driven by teachers and parents and to create more equity in the system.

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Natalia Bacchus

Teacher Organizer


Natalia started with TDP in 2014 as a fellow and joined as a full time staff member in the summer of 2018. She brings 14 years of experience as a Maryland public school teacher and is one of the founders of Baltimore Movement of Rank and File Educators (BMORE) union caucus. She taught ESOL and was a classroom teacher in 1st and 3rd grades from 2003-2018. She achieved National Board Certification in 2011. In Baltimore City, she worked at Moravia Park Elementary as an ESOL teacher, as the union Building Rep, and created a Union Chapter Committee to increase teacher voice in decision making at the school level.


Tyrone Barnwell

Parent Organizer


Tyrone joined TDP in 2017 as a parent fellow working on organizing parents at Alexander Hamilton Elementary School. He joined us full time in the summer of 2018. He has a background in youth development, political campaigns and community organizing.


Helen Atkinson, PhD



Helen began work as the Executive Director for the Teachers’ Democracy Project in March 2014, after significant experience in education advocacy which includes work as a parent/community organizer, the director of the Resident Teacher Program, and as a teacher-leader for a new high school in Baltimore. She wrote her PhD at UMBC about her work in this teacher led school,  created for students who were having problems in large city schools. She utilizes her background and experiences to provide insight and support on strategic direction and educational policy initiatives.