Join us for a summer discussion series

Most events start at 6pm with dinner. Short presentations at 6:30. Discussions 7:00-8:00.

10 E. North Ave. RSVP to or 410-340-8809.

Childcare available if you RSVP.


Monday July 16: Why schools can’t go back to the way they were

Join a discussion with education advocate and Towson University Education Professor Jessica Shiller about how efforts to “reform” schools nationally and locally have not worked.  Learn why schools were better when our parents and grandparents went to school and why we can’t just teach the basics and have safe schools the way we used to.


Saturday July 21: The Importance of Black men in schools

This discussion will involve sharing a bit of the research on why Black children need Black role models, stories from Black men who are currently involved in schools, and a discussion of how to retain more Black male teachers and increase Black male engagement in schools. Coffee and light breakfast 10am-12pm.


Monday July 30: Understanding School Funding & Budgets

A conversation with Liberty Elementary Principal Joe Manko and education advocate Kim Trueheart on where school funding comes from and how to understand a school budget.  Learn information needed to be able to review your own school budget as a part of a School Family Council or PTA/PTO.


Thursday Aug. 9: Curriculum in Schools 

How does curriculum get created and by whom?  Why do some schools and teachers have more freedom than others? What do people mean when they say Cultural Responsiveness? What is the new literacy curriculum?  How do you balance between high standards and meeting kids where they are? 


Monday August 13: Discipline, bullying and the supports that kids need

What has happened to school discipline?  Why are schools under pressure to avoid suspensions?   What resources do schools need to be able to handle bullying and other challenges?  What is currently working--Restorative Practices, CASEL, social workers, PBIS and other programs? Parents and teachers get a chance to hear from Baltimore City Schools staff and discuss the challenges with bullying and student behavior and what can be done about it.


Monday Aug. 27: How to Build Parent Power

Join Waverly parent Joseph Kane for a discussion on parent power.  Looking at policies and strategies related to parent involvement and what needs to happen to create a city-wide network of parents who have a real say.  Examining the Parent Community Advisory Board (PCAB), Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO’s) and School Family Councils (SFC’s). 


What Teacher Unions Could be

This is a video of teacher union caucus members from across the country describing what their unions do and what they hope their unions will do moving forward. Their vision is inspiring and offers some ideals that we know Baltimore Movement of Rank-and-File Educators hope to attain.


TDP engages teachers and community members in Fellowship Projects.  Fellows are working on: Restorative Practices, Socially engaged curriculum and how to increase democratic decision making by all stakeholders in schools. By proactively connecting teachers, parents, students and community members we aim to transform school relationships, culture and the way decisions get made.

Advocacy Work

Our Advocacy Work is a result of what we hear from our fellows as they tackle issues in their schools and in response to larger national and local trends. We engage teacher feedback and conduct research to help us advocate for better policies and practices. We attend school board meetings and host community forums around how to create more equity and inclusion in school decision making.

Borrow from a collection of education related videos, books and trainings which we make available to all who want to get informed.