Education advocacy is what we do.

The Teachers’ Democracy Project (TDP) establishes and supports inquiry to action groups of teachers and community members committed to strengthening  democratic participation in Baltimore’s communities and public schools


Our blog explores local issues related to school closings, neighborhood vs. charter school policies, and the fight to bring attention to racial disparities in education. On our blog you will find a collection of writings and readings exploring various topics on education. We invite you to read, comment, and add suggestions.  

What We're Making

We have a collection of videos created by TDP fellows and associates. These videos range from documentaries that explore difference between traditional and charter schools; to documenting a community meeting discussing education policy in Maryland and its impact on Baltimore city schools; to examples for creating classroom projects for K-12 students. Watch the collection here.

Get involved

TDP engages teachers and community in Inquiry to Action Projects.  Our current projects include: a Community Empowered Schools project; a Baltimore Grassroots Curriculum Project; and on-going video production, community events and writing projects.  These projects often transform into larger projects that take on a life of their own.