Fellows Overview

Our greatest hope through our fellowships is to create democratic schools where teachers, parents and community members and students have the cohesion and say needed to create a real change in schools.

This year we are supporting 4 initiatives. Initiatives were chosen based on conversations during the summer with over 400 parents and teachers in Baltimore City who are concerned about education as well as national best practices.

Parent Power Team:

This group of parents and other folks concerned about activating parents will gather every other week to learn about and explore a variety of school issues and to then reach out to other parents across the city to help inform them about things like: how to understand and work with your principal on a school budget, what parents should know about curriculum, policy, how to handle bullying and other issues that most concern parents.

Bullying Working Group:  

A group of parents and teachers will come together to understand the resources and gaps in services that exist and to problem solve community driven, collaborative strategies for addressing the problem in schools.

Restorative Practices Learning Community:

This group will focus on teachers, administrators and others that want to deepen circle practice across schools. We will engage 15-20 people from schools that have already taken on RP once per month to discuss various components of the work. The format will include a short presentation of some aspect of best practices followed by a robust group discussion about the realities of implementation. The exact topics are driven by participant interests. Participants will receive support from peers, feedback and support from TDP staff.

Curriculum working group:

A group of teachers will create curriculum on Baltimore Black history to be used during the Black lives matter week of action.

These projects are based on the belief that schools will change when those most affected by them are part of the decision-making and problem-solving process.