Workshop--Social Justice Curriculum Writing Workshops

Join Our inquiry-to-action-group (ITAG)

This ITAG is an opportunity for 6-8 teachers to research and implement a social justice unit plan to be published using a peer-review process (similar to the Chicago Grassroots Curriculum). Building on the curriculum planning work begun during the TDP Summer Institute, teachers get together in interest/subject area groups to discuss details of protocols they are using in their classrooms, share student projects, research useful resources, and invite local experts and community leaders to join their discussions. The goal is for teachers to find common ground in their day-to-day classroom work, and to find ways to collaborate more deeply in inter-school projects and organizing efforts. Participants may earn a stipend of up to $500. The whole project will take approximately 45 hours from early October to mid-December. Participants in the TDP Summer Curriculum Workshop have priority for this workshop:

Curriculum Workshop to discuss research, original source documents, readings, and pedagogy Individual planning and preparation of curriculum with peer feedback online Documenting implementation, refining, publishing to share online, at conferences, as school-based PD

Limited space available. Register here.